Healthiest Workforce
Healthiest Workforce

Our Vision: The Healthiest Workforce
At Johnson & Johnson, we are a company guided by Our Credo, and our employees are the heart, mind and soul of the Company. We are committed to helping employees, their families and communities live well across their whole lives—spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and financial—enabling an engaged, purpose-driven workforce that improves health for humanity.

We are on a mission to become the healthiest workforce through empowering and engaging employees to achieve their personal best in health and well-being.

We are making changes around our workplace to help make the healthy choice the easy choice. We continue to improve our sites with offerings like free fruit, healthier food options, healthy beverages, access to movement opportunities and convenient resources to keep us connected to our health. We encourage walking meetings and energy breaks. And with Energy for Performance? training, we are working to expand our energy and be our best, at work and at home.

These initiatives and resources support our three pillars: Healthy Eating, Healthy Movement and Healthy Mind.

Healthy Eating
We continually communicate to our employees and highlight areas where we are making changes around our workplace as we build our culture of healthy eating. Our mission to become the healthiest workforce is a big goal. To achieve big goals, we must take small steps and provide choices that help us stay healthy and keep us properly fueled and energized throughout the day. We understand that how we nourish our bodies is an individual decision but making sure the healthy choice is the easy choice is a commitment we are making to Johnson & Johnson employees.

We provide free fruits and vegetables several times a week at Johnson & Johnson facilities and are eliminating sugar-added beverages and energy drinks. In addition to having no nutritional value, these types of beverages can be a major contributor to obesity, diabetes and possibly even cardiovascular disease. While drinks such as 100%-fruit juices and those with artificial sweeteners are still offered, they will be available only in limited quantities.

Our employees are seeing increased prevalence, preparation and placement of healthier foods, including more plant-based options and proper portion management. We offer preferential pricing for healthier foods and put a focus on nutritious and delicious food and beverage selections in café, vending machines and catering.

Healthy Movement
At Johnson & Johnson, we start with educating employees about their health and well-being. To date, we have trained most of our employees in Energy for Performance, an energy management program based on the Performance course developed by Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute?. The unique program takes a multi-dimensional (spiritual/purpose, mental, emotional and physical) approach to teach our employees how to be more spiritually nourished and physically focused, and to direct their energy toward what is purposeful in life. Further, a 2018 analysis of human resources data showed an association between Energy for Performance training and positive employee performance outcomes.

In addition to education, we provide indoor/outdoor walking trails, sit/stand desks, inviting stairwells and access to fitness centers at Johnson & Johnson facilities. We connect employees to their health via a digital health tool unique to Johnson & Johnson. This platform is a confidential and customizable way to engage with a range of health and well-being programs and is available to our employees across the globe. In support of healthy movement, we host an annual global activity challenge, which has historically shown a significant increase in movement for participants.

Beyond our global activity challenge, Johnson & Johnson offers a Global Exercise Reimbursement Program. This program will soon be available to every full- and regular part-time employee to support them in incorporating movement in ways that are fun and convenient to them. The benefit provides financial support and incentive for things like fitness classes, training and health programs and is offered in addition to our on-site fitness centers.

Healthy Mind
In support of healthy mind, we have established programs designed to provide access to mental well-being resources, assess and address mental well-being risks, and raise awareness and reduce the stigma related to mental illness in the workplace. Our Global Healthy Mind Policy outlines the expected approaches and resources/programs required to support mental well-being at Johnson & Johnson. Our more than 1,000 Mental Health Diplomats—an area of interest in our Alliance for Diverse Abilities Employee Resource Group—are working to help reduce workplace mental health stigma and create a supportive work environment through routine workplace reviews and online personal empowerment programs. We offer people leader training and webinars to raise mental health awareness and our medical benefits plan includes coverage for mental health programs.

We began our phased roll-out of an enhanced and unified global Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and WorkLife Services program in 2018. This new global approach allows for seamless support that is consistent, personalized and available 24/7/365 with on-demand assistance resources for our global employee population. The program includes enhanced offerings and resources designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our employees and their families.

Further, we began piloting a resilience app resource in the United States and Puerto Rico, designed to help employees tap into their most powerful selves by addressing their unique thinking styles, offering simple techniques to help build resilience and enhance their ability to respond to stressful thoughts and situations.

Healthy Future
Alongside education and connection, it is about building a culture of health. We provide regular updates to our employees in terms of the steps taken and progress made toward our goals, captured in the Health for Humanity 2020 Healthiest Workforce Goal. As we look to 2025 and beyond, we understand the evolution of a global workforce and the necessity for scalable, innovative solutions that reach and engage a diverse employee population. Designed to leverage technology-based solutions, our goals transcend country, ethnicity, environment and physical abilities to ignite a sense of Johnson & Johnson community and support across all borders. We are committed to engaging and empowering employees to achieve their personal best—pursuing programs and policies to support every individual’s unique purpose and well-being.

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Last Updated: May 2019

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